Lower Mattagami River Project Camp

In 2011, Globe Modular Limited constructed a camp to house the workforce involved in Ontario Power Generation's Lower Mattagami River Project. Due to the remoteness of the Lower Mattagami region, it was necessary to build the camp to house some 800 workers involved in the project. Seeing as the workers may be living at the camp for up to a year, it was essential that it be built with the comfort and safety of workers in mind. For this reason, each worker is given their own unit fully equipped with a shower and washroom. In addition to the individual rooms for the workers, the camp also includes a cafeteria, a medical clinic, recreational facilities, a dining room, as well as internet and telephone services. Due to the competitive hiring environment that exists in this area, it was essential that OPG make working on the River Project as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for their employees.

Ecoflex's Solution

Ecoflex Thermal Twin 1" with Heat-Trace pipe runs from one trailer to the next to provide each living unit with access to hot and cold water. After a long day of hard work, access to a warm shower is surely appreciated by the employees living at the camp. A Thermal Single HDPE pipe was used for the camp's sewage system. The Ecoflex pipe has a watertight outer jacket which provides the pipe with long-term efficiency and closed-cell PEX insulation foam which retains its insulation capability for the entire service life of the pipe. The pipe's flexibility allows it to bend around tight radius so that is may be routed around any sort of obstacle. Installation of the Ecoflex at the Lower Mattagami camp was done mid-winter and was done slightly differently than usual. When installed in a permanent location, the pipe is most often buried underground; however, in the case of the Lower Mattagami camp, the pipe was installed directly beneath the trailer units. The fact that the pipe does not need to be dug up in order to be removed means that it can be reused in a different location. Once the Lower Mattagami River project is complete, the camp can be dismantled and the pipe can be recoiled and reinstalled to be used on a new job site. The Ecoflex pipe is lightweight and flexible making it's relocation an easy process.

Project Highlights

  • Camp housing 800 workers
  • Built in remote area of Northern Ontario
  • Piping may be dismantled and relocated with the camp
  • Designed to tolerate -40°C

Project Data

  • 3000 feet of Ecoflex
  • Ecoflex Thermal Twin 1" + Heat Trace
  • Ecoflex 2" HDPE + Heat Trace
  • Uponor ProPEX Fittings